Visiting Venice

venezia-laitaliankaThe city of water and canals navigated by gondolas, the city of bridges and fat seagulls. Venice is magical and mysterious!
Get lost in Venice, just wandering through its streets. Stop for a coffee in one of its busiest bars and enjoy its unique atmosphere. Put a comfortable pair of shoes, don’t forget a map and a camera and let me show you “my Venice”! …read more

The must-sees and secrets of Venice

Travel in Italy Venice 
Bacari Tour Venice
25 November 2016 by Irina Bykovskaya 

Bacari, best wine bars in Venice. While I was living in Rome I’ve never heard of bacari. To tell the truth...

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Places Travel in Italy Venice Where to eat 
Cantine del Vino già Schiavi
27 May 2016 by Antonella 

Forget about tables or chairs, you eat standing in front of the counter like Venetians do. In Cantine...

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Travel in Italy Venice Where to eat 
Ai Do Farai
7 March 2016 by Irina Bykovskaya 

Every time in Venice I end up eating in Ai Do Farai. I simply can’t resist its typical Venetian atmosphere...

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Discoveries Venice 
Acqua Alta Venice
26 November 2015 by Irina Bykovskaya 

I love books, I love their smell, their covers and leaf through the pages. I love discovering new bookshops...

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Hotels in Italy Travel in Italy Venice 
Secret Garden (Hotel Flora)
13 November 2015 by Irina Bykovskaya 

Walking through the main shopping streets of Venice turn into a narrow street that will bring you to Hotel...

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Hotels in Italy Travel in Italy Venice 
Palazzo Stern Venice
2 September 2015 by Irina Bykovskaya 

  Palazzo Stern is a historical Palace built during the 15th century, once home of a famous art trader...

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