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Zash Country Boutique Hotel Sicily
18 October 2016  by Irina Bykovskaya 

Zash Country Boutique Hotel. I have never been here but I already love this place. Zash Country Boutique...

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Madrid  Travel abroad 
Madrid Travel Guide
21 September 2016  by Irina Bykovskaya 

Discover Madrid Madrid won’t dazzle you immediately. Madrid takes you slowly, revealing its vibrant...

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Hotels in Italy  Taormina  Travel in Italy 
Shalai Resort Sicily
27 August 2016  by Irina Bykovskaya 

“Welcome home” is the first thing you see upon arrival to Shalai. This 19th century home will give...

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Capo Spartivento Lighthouse Sardinia
15 February 2016  by Irina Bykovskaya 

Capo Spartivento Lighthouse Sardinia I have always dreamed of living in a lighthouse. Finally my dreams...

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